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Dolphins and turtles can also be spotted in these waters.

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Unbelievable cruise in the south east coast of Mauritius with breathless  itineraries.

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The outer reefs of the South East provide a variety of species for fishermen to target.



Discover vibrant marine life while snorkeling in crystal-clear turquoise waters.

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Embark on aquatic adventures with loved ones, embracing open waters.

Aquaholic Cruise Mauritius offers the ultimate South East Islands trip. This includes visiting Ile aux Cerfs, a beautiful historical island with amazing views, shipwrecks, sandbanks and a stunning waterfall. Snorkelers can explore the rich biodiversity of the area, full of fish and crystal clear waters. Dolphins and turtles can also be spotted in these waters.

Catch a great day’s entertainment on the water with your friends.

Our boat trip will be an unforgettable experience!
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Live, laugh, relax while cruising & fishing.

We’re flexible and can provide alternative departure times based on fish activity and guest requests.
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During a fishing trip, we unfortunately witnessed a very unfortunate incident. Indeed, upon seeing something floating in the water, we were surprised to discover, as we got closer, that it was actually a turtle entangled in ropes. 

The ropes in question were from traps set by fishermen.

After freeing its neck from the ropes, it was simply impossible for us to release the turtle’s flippers while it was still in the water. Therefore, we had to place it on board the boat to have a better grip.

Unbelievable records set by the team

Turquoise water, unimaginable coastal landscape,insolite island near the reef with lots of histories..
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Let’s have a look at Paul nautical adventure.

The company was founded by the passionate waterman Paul, a local from Mahebourg. Paul has been sailing, swimming, surfing, diving, windsurfing and fishing in the lagoon since he was a little child.

After high school, he started working in the accounting field while also taking up a part-time job on catamarans and boats. After several office jobs, Paul realized that being stuck between four walls all day wasn’t for him, so he quit and used his savings to buy his first boat (Aquaholic)


Skipper Paul, a sea passionate soul, navigating the waves with love, guiding us to adventures untold.

Certified Expert

Certified captain, master of the seas, leading with expertise, navigating treacherous waters with skill and confidence.

Experienced Skipper

Paul, a seasoned captain, knows the South East Bay intimately, its hidden treasures etched in his heart.


We always take you to some of the best spots in the area.

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